Tampa Bay FL Realtors

Tampa Bay FL Realtors

ELITE 100 Realtors™

    - Top Real Estate Professionals in the Tampa Bay Area.
    - They have years experience in Real Estate.
    - They help someone sell or buy a home every 7 to 10 days.
    - They handle Millions of dollars per year in Real Estate transactions.
    - As a group, ELITE 100 Realtors™ are responsible for more than $1 billion per year in 
      Real Estate transactions.

ELITE 100 Realtors™ are your key to getting the most out of any Real Estate transaction.

We look for proven leaders?

When our network of representatives looks for new ELITE 100 Realtor™, they contact only the top people in any area. These are the local leaders and authorities in real estate, with a proven commitment for personal service and attention.

Most ELITE 100 Realtors™ have a team of assistants, ready to help you.

They also have a complete website for their area, full of useful information for home buyers and sellers.

Most importantly, these ELITE 100 Realtors™ have a very successful history of helping people.

Why work with anyone less than an ELITE 100 Realtors™ for the largest purchase of your life?

Buying or selling a home isn't that easy. A Real Estate transaction is actually quite complicated, with many parties involved, and many local rules and regulations.

Where do you go for help?

          You can try to do it by yourself!
          You can let a large, impersonal website be your "guide"!
          You can work with just anyone who comes along!


You can contact an acknowledged real estate expert "ELITE 100 Realtors™" in your area, recommended by other people like you!

An ELITE 100 Realtors™ will help you realize a quick and profitable Real Estate transaction:

    - Buyers often get more home for their money
    - Sellers often get more money for their home
- Everyone enjoys a much quicker close to the whole complicated transaction

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